Flamenco Guitar – Chocolate Mango Coming Soon…

Mango sideAs anyone who has looked at my website will know that I love many of the African tonewoods. I am continually on the look out for unique back and sides set and I recently came across a beautiful set of Chocolate Mango from Africa. I decided that it would make an excellent Flamenco Guitar (Flamenca Negra).

Building this guitar has been a wonderful experience and I am certain that it will have all of the sound qualities of an excellent negra, in fact not dissimilar to my own Black Limba negra, you can see and hear this guitar by following the link.(El Duende)

Mango Back

Chocolate Mango

Chocolate Mango is an excellent Flamenco Guitar wood, as it is light, easy to bend and work and finishes beautifully. There can be a lot of variation in the wood colours, from deep chocolate browns to lighter sapwood colours, ensuring a unique guitar.

It has a tap tone similar to Mahogany, which gives a slightly warmer sound to the guitar, but still very flamenco! I have found that it works in a similar way to Black Limba and has may common characteristics.

Chocolate Mango Flamenco Guitar

Mango FrontThis flamenco guitar is made with a European Spruce top, Cedar neck, Ebony fingerboard, Bubinga head plate and bindings and a Rio bridge with Bubinga inlay and I am looking forward to hearing what she sounds like and to stringing and playing the final polished instrument!

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