Charlie G Jackson – Photographer

I met Charlie G Jackson when we first came to Spain about 4 years ago.  Charlie is not only an excellent photographer, but a good electric guitarist as well.  He was also raised in Africa, hence the great connection we have developed.

Charlie is a real character, his enthusiasm for life and everything he does is highly contagious​. This coupled with his sensitive nature and great interest in the natural world and in particular Africa's vanishing tribes and their customs, gives his photographs a real quality and ambiance.

This does not limit him however and I remember seeing a series​ of photos he had done of plates of food. As most readers will know, food is not easy to photograph so that it looks appetising, but these photos certainly did the trick - yummy!

In conversation one day recently, he explained that the pickups on his Gibson Les Paul Special Edition​ weren't working very well (I won't mention why here!). He also really loves the Alnico II Pro Slash humbucker sound, which is great for the kind of music he plays. Anyway the pickups were not repairable, so after some discussion about the alternatives, Charlie got in touch with Seymour Duncan to see if they could make him a set in mini humbucker form to fit his guitar?

Sure enough, they were able to get the job done for him, so we traded photographs of my polished guitars for my work on getting his Gibson back up and running and it sounds amazing. The barter system has always been a favourite of mine!

You can see Charlie G Jackson's photographs of my guitars in my guitars for sale  and Duende areas on this site, where all my guitars are beautifully captured for prosperity​ by Charlie's magical camera work. You can also see them in the gallery on his own website, where you can check out his other beautiful and very atmospheric work."

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